Michelle Brewer

Michelle is the creator of the Edmonton International Women’s Film Festival and is thrilled to see it in its third year. She is an academic, activist, instructor and film devotée. She has a master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Trinity College Dublin, a PhD Candidate in Social Political Philosophy at the Universität Potsdam and a graduate of the University of Alberta in philosophy. Michelle was the founder and co-organizer of the Women’s March on Washington – Edmonton and is the current Executive Director of Women’s March Canada. She is also a mindful and emotional eating expert. For more information on

Michelle’s coaching and wellness services, please visit her website here.


Maery Kaplan-Hallam

A recent transplant to Edmonton from Vancouver and Victoria, Maery is excited to be a part of the organizing team for this year’s EIWFF. Maery holds a MA from the University of British Columbia’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, where her research explored social and cultural dimensions of environmental management and conservation issues. While her day job is with the Government of Alberta, healthy sexuality has been a side passion of hers for over a decade, leading her to volunteer for sexual health initiatives in both local and international contexts.

Michelle Bolton

A professional engineer in a male-driven field, Michelle is keen to explore women’s issues, especially pertaining to STEM fields. She holds both a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Ottawa, where she spent time writing about sexual health for the student newspaper. She has lived in Edmonton for just over three years, and has spent time volunteering with rescue animals for most of that duration. Michelle is thrilled to lend her voice to the organizing team for this year’s EIWFF and hopes that this year’s festival engages and inspires lots of new faces.

Christina Velasco

Christina is a dedicated and driven Master’s student and researcher in the area of public health and health policy at the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. Grounded in her discovery of what is possible for being human, Christina stands for unity across the globe. She is committed that every community member engages in the conversation of what it means to be (or identify as) a woman, and brings curiosity and authentic contribution to the dialogue. This film festival is the utmost platform to catalyze coming together, sharing and growing as a collective!

Ryn Climenhaga

Our graphic artist from Metro Cinema for which we owe deep thanks for our posters.

The Mentorists

The idea for The Mentorists began with one goal in mind: PEOPLE. At its core, we are passionate about PEOPLE. Technology has impacted human behavior and changed social life over the last half of the century by leaps and bounds.


Creating * Changing * Impacting


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